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Motorhome Dinghy Towing with a Blue Ox Baseplate

Blue Ox Baseplates are the #1 choice for America’s towing needs. Our baseplates are custom-made to best fit each towing situation without requiring drastic alterations to the vehicle. These durable, steel-constructed baseplates are easily integrated into the original frame and bumper.

Blue Ox’s unique design allows the towing baseplate to flex and absorb any shock during the drive rather than transferring the rigid force of a bumpy ride to the vehicle’s frame. The weight is spread evenly to minimize pressure on the suspension.

Removable Tabs on Most Models

Blue Ox Baseplates are thoughtfully crafted, and most models come with removable tabs, making the look of your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing, even with the baseplate installed. There are no large protruding brackets or crossbar support beams.

The tabs can be removed when not towing, making the baseplate practically invisible to the untrained eye. In addition to aesthetics, our baseplates have set new industry standards with our locking linchpin. Other manufacturers often use cotter pins which are more likely to come loose, creating the potential for damage to the vehicle or causing an accident.

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